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CSI Water TreatmentWe offer sales and rentals of CSI softeners with "on demand" controls and turbulator, and sizes to fit all households and commercial applications.


Eliminatr Water SoftenerEliminatr™ Water Softeners
The Eliminatr™ employs a special mesh cation exchange resin that gives it a much higher capacity for hardness and iron reduction. The new technology Vortech tank is used to allow high flow volume and reduce pressure drop. In addition, the Eliminatr™ uses less water and has more capacity per pound of salt than traditional systems.

Alternating Twin Water SoftenerAlternation Twin Water Softeners
The versatile Alternating Twin Softener employs one tank while the other remains in stand-by mode. When the integral water meter indicates regeneration is needed, the second tank come on-line while the first tank regenerates. This allows for an uninterrupted soft water supply. The newly regenerated tank is now in standby mode until the meter triggers the next cycle. There's no doubt that CSI Alternating Twin Softeners are the finest in the industry!

Whole House and Upflow FiltersWhole House and Upflow Filters
Signature Series™ automatic filters and basic up-flow water filters are available for homes with elevated quantities of sediment or other contaminants. Filters can work alone or in tandem with another CIS product.

Signature Series™ Control ValveSignature Series™ Control Valve
With the Signature Series™ Control Valve programming is as easy as setting the time of day and your preferred water hardness. With a 12 Volt DC operation, 5 fully adjustable cycles, a 5 year warranty, a 9 Volt battery back-up, and cycle position indicator, our Signature Series™ Control Valve does all the work. You can choose demand regeneration or the time-lock option.

RUSCO Water FilterRUSCO™
In-line water filters for sediment, sand, and silt removal

Reverse Osmosis Systems
For clean, odor free drinking water

• Well Chlorination

• Salt Delivery

• Water Testing

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