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"Many thanks to Thein Well. They did a great job explaining what had to be done, showing up on time and returning the next day, as they said they would. Plus calling after to make sure everything was fine. We appreciated it!"
Clayton and Mary Ann S., Atwater

Thein Well - Residential Drilling

Thein Well: Saving you money since 1893


Thein Well - ResidentialWe understand that your well, water system and water conditioning system is a long-term investment. Thus, we strive to make sure your system is long lasting and trouble-free. Our wells are designed to the proper diameters to provide longer life and better preventative maintenance capability. Our water systems are designed to minimize the number of times your pump starts, which adds years to the life of your system. In addition, our tanks can be changed with minimal plumbing to save you money on service charges.

After a free consultation, we work with you to design, construct, install, and maintain a high quality well and water system and water conditioning system that will meet your specific needs. Best of all, we back up our work with over a century of exceptional service and support. With our long history, you can count on our availability to serve your needs in the future.

For your home, we recommend a gravel-packed well. This process consists of installing an artificial gravel filter between the well screen and the water-bearing aquifer. We have been installing gravel-packed wells since the introduction of PVC well casings and we have never had a screen fail!

A Thein well offers you:

  • More water
  • A longer lasting system
  • A trouble-free system

Our work doesn't end when your well is installed. We offer ongoing service and exceptional support including:
  • On-call service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Industry-leading technology, equipment, and research
  • Highly trained technicians with years of experience
  • A fleet of advanced drilling and service equipment

You can be sure your Thein Well system will stand the test of time. Just ask your friends and neighbors.


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