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While sun and wind energy may be unreliable, you can count on the earths consistent energy to meet your heating and cooling needs.

Thein Well provides quality vertical loop installations for geothermal heating and cooling systems. We stand behind our work, just as we have for over a century with our water wells. With Thein Well, you will receive the most efficient and economical energy source available for your home heating and cooling system.

We have over 25 years of experience installing vertical ground water heat loops for geo-thermal heating and cooling of homes and commercial buildings.

The Vertical 'Closed-Loop' Heating and Cooling System

Vertical 'closed-loop' heating and coolingThe vertical closed-loop heat pump system is just that, a vertical closed loop underground. The loop consists of plastic pipe filled with a potable anti-freeze and water mixture and is 'closed' because the same mixture is re-circulated.

To install a vertical closed-loop system, a series of geothermal borings are drilled. The drillers then insert two lines of plastic pipe into each boring (fused together with a u-bend at the bottom). The plastic pipes are connected together at the top, filled with the mixture, and the pipe configuration is brought into the house where they are connected to a heat pump (furnace/air conditioner).

The principle of the system is simple: The potable antifreeze and water mixture is continuously circulated through the loop by a low wattage circulatory pump. In the winter, the earths energy is collected by the mixture in the piping and taken to the house, where it is absorbed by the heat pump's gaseous refrigerant and converted to usable warm air for heating purposes. In the summer, the process is reversed. The warm air in the house is collected and then transferred back into the ground. This excess heat energy may also be used to preheat water for your water heater.

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